If you have a Discord for your team or your club you can get notified of new drone racing events from RotorMatch.com directly on your Discord.

You can follow drone racing activities for all countries, country of your team, or just event of your team.

First step you need to create your team on RotorMatch if you don't have one. Go to this page and fill the form : https://www.rotormatch.com/teams/new

Then on Discord generate a Webhook, to allow RotorMatch to post messages.
Go to Server Setting > Webhooks > Create Webhook

Set RotorMatch as name, and choose channel you want to post new event. You can download our logo and add it as webhook icon.

Copy the webhook url and paste it in your team settings on RotorMatch, choose filter you want, update team and voila !

Now, when drone race will be published on RotorMatch your Discord receive a new message notification, perfect to stay tuned. 😎